Female narcissism is a personality disorder that is caused because of self-importance, need for admiration, lack of empathy, etc. It is also associated with men. But the narcissists in females are just damaging and toxic and affect their lives. 

Female narcissists may appear charismatic and charming on the surface, but under façade, they are self-entitled, self-absorbed, and manipulative. In this blog, we tell you about female narcissists with their 7 signs. 

What is narcissism?

Narcissism refers to thinking very fairly of oneself. Narcissists are egocentric and have nearly no regard for others. A narcissistic personality sickness is a mental disease where you constantly seek attention. You don't care about others and accept as true that you're unique and advanced, even if you're not.

Who is a female narcissist?

Narcissistic females can be self-absorbed, vain, lack empathy, and possess an experience of entitlement. They have aggressive interpersonal skills and frustrate their family.

Although they could pretend to be worrying and candy, they may be in reality very cruel, vindictive, ruthless, and even abusive. It is simply simple to fall into their toxicity, whether you’re a man or a female.

How Is a Narcissist Female Different From a Man?

It is assumed that both men and women are narcissists. But is there a difference between the 2? So the solution to this question is sure: they do vary in certain ways.

  • While men are more likely to be showy and handsome-looking, females have a tendency to be more covert.
  • They will boast about their achievements and capabilities, but in a way that is not as apparent as the men.
  • The woman will also use her appearance and sexuality to get what she needs. She may also get dressed provocatively or use her body language to seduce someone.
  • The covert narcissist female is also more to be manipulative. She will use people to get what she needs after which discards them once she is performed with them.
  • Moreover, while male narcissists are angry, they behave aggressively and can even grow to be violent. On the other hand, female narcissists are much more likely to passive-aggressively positioned you down or give you silent remedy.

7 Signs of a Female Narcissist

Identifying the symptoms of a female narcissist can help shed mild on their conduct and provide readability in your courting. Here are the seven key symptoms to look out for:

  • Lack of empathy

This appears very harsh, but it's by far one of the most defining traits of a narcissist. They have hassle know-how about how other human beings sense and often dismiss the feelings of others as unimportant. This can make them appear insensitive and uncaring.

Lack of empathy is often followed by a loss of regret. A narcissist will now not hesitate to harm a person else, either emotionally or physically, if it method getting what they need. They may also even take pride in causing ache to others. And if you confront them about their hurtful conduct, they are in charge of you for overreacting or being too sensitive.

  • Entitlement 

Female narcissists' sense of entitlement manifests as an unyielding notion that they're inherently deserving of special remedies and privileges, regardless of their real contributions or efforts. This trait isn't always just about having excessive self-esteem; it reflects a deep-seated conviction that they're superior to others and accordingly entitled to get hold of extra.

This entitlement regularly results in behaviors such as anticipating regular admiration and provider from others, traumatic preferential remedy in social and expert settings, or reacting with anger and disdain when their expectancies aren't met. In the workplace, for instance, a female narcissist may anticipate promotions or special favors without demonstrating the requisite overall performance or qualifications, feeling slighted or turning into vindictive if her needs aren't fulfilled.

  • Manipulation

Manipulation is a commonplace tactic utilized by narcissistic females to manipulate others, the usage of guilt, blame, and gaslighting to obtain their results. In relationships, they'll systematically undermine their partner’s shallowness, eroding boundaries and lowering their ability to claim themselves.

  • Seeking Constant Validation

 They would possibly have an insatiable need for admiration and validation, constantly seeking attention and reward to assist their self-confidence. Again, that is common for absolutely everyone with NPD, but it appears special for females. Female narcissists tend to specify their shallow inclinations through acquiring luxury objects to exert their high social status. They are also much more to become obsessed and even hooked on social media due to the nice remarks. 

  • Arrogant behavior  

Narcissistic females act in an arrogant, snobbish, condescending way because they see themselves as advanced to others. For example, a narcissistic female may also speak down to waiters, salespeople, or others in service roles because she seems down on them as “under” her.

A narcissistic network member may also make sarcastic, belittling comments to acquaintances she sees as lower class or less knowledgeable than herself. At their administrative center, a narcissistic female behaves in an entitled, haughty way as if she deserves special treatment.

  • Obsession With Status and Appearance

Along with this loss of empathy, you would possibly also word her fixation on fame and appearance. In her world, it’s all about looking right and being seen in the proper circles. She’s enthusiastic about retaining a super photo, whether it’s through designer labels, a flashy car, or a prestigious job title.

She’s not just useless but deeply insecure, she uses outward appearances as a protection to cover her internal vacancy. You’ll observe her constant want for validation, her starvation for compliments, and her fear of criticism. She is satisfied with being average; she needs to experience superiority, even supposing it approaches stepping on others to get there.

  • Extreme Materialism

Her experience of self-significance and entitlement approach that a female narcissist has a right to anything she wants. And because she is so targeted in her look, this may translate to masses of retail therapy. She may be an expensive associate. Much of her self-picture revolves around her physical appearance.


Recognizing the 7 signs and symptoms of a female narcissist is important in knowledge and navigating the complexities of relationships with individuals showing these tendencies. These signs encompass an immoderate need for admiration, manipulative and exploitative conduct, a lack of empathy, entitlement, envy and competitiveness, a grandiose sense of self-importance, and superficial appeal and intelligence. Each sign displays underlying psychological dynamics that force the narcissistic person's interactions and behaviors.