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Foster Care & Adoption


Foster Care & Adoption

Adoption and foster care pose a major transition point for both parents and children. They can lead to a happy and prosperous outcome, but they can also have negative consequences.

Many children in foster or adoptive homes can experience mental health issues like stress, trauma, and anxiety due to several causes.

Fortunately, these issues can be examined and handled through professional therapy and counseling.

Adoption And Foster Care Issues

Children who live with adoptive families or in foster homes can experience attachment issues and mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, and social disorder.

Separation and loss are common in the lives of adopted or foster children, so no wonder a host of problems arise, such as:

  • Developmental Delay. When a child doesn't meet developmental milestones expected of him or her at a certain age, they may be suffering from Developmental Delay. It can be apparent in their speech, when they play, or during social interactions.
  • Conduct disorder. Children may display signs of aggression and law-breaking inclinations. It may also lead to substance abuse, mental illness, and personality disorders.
  • Reactive attachment disorder (RAD). Sometimes, children find difficulties forming secure and healthy bonds with their adopters or guardians. They have trouble controlling their emotions and struggle with creating meaningful connections with others.
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Abandonment or abuse can lead children to manifest signs of posttraumatic stress disorder. Unstable living conditions contribute to anxiety and stress, as well.

Causes Of Adoption And Foster Care Issues

There exists a lot of reasons for the manifestation of the problems associated with adoption and foster care.

Here are some of the common ones:

  • A child may go through multiple guardians before finding a long-term home, so abandonment and trust issues can develop. Additionally, inconsistency in their lives can impact the relationship a child have with their current adoptive parents.
  • Adults in foster homes can be abusive and neglectful towards children in their care. Many of these children can find themselves moving from one home to the other, with instances of abuse and neglect occurring multiple times.
  • Special Needs. It is common for children to have special needs and wants that can be behavioral, emotional, and particularly medical. Additionally, some parents can adopt children without planning and consideration, which leads to various issues down the line.
  • Conflict Between Families. Some children find themselves adopted by a caring and loving family, but biological parents may have a change of heart and wish to reclaim their offspring. A child in this situation can experience trauma and stress if they return to their first parents.

Getting Help With Adoption And Foster Care Issues

Adoption and foster care can leave children dealing with various problems, such as mental health issues, identity crises, and lack of stability.

Consulting a professional therapist can treat several concerns around adoption and foster care. These experts can help children cope with trauma while they explore their identity and behavioral problems.

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