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Academic Difficulties


Disregard from teachers, disabilities, bullying, and learning barriers can contribute to academic difficulties and influence students throughout their educational careers. They can also impact other areas of their lives, such as home, work, and the playground.

Fortunately, a student who undergoes academic difficulties can learn how to cope and improve their educational experience. Additionally, they can benefit from getting in touch with a mental health therapist or counselor.

Understanding Academic Difficulties

Academic difficulties are often unavoidable, but they become an issue when they negatively impact the life of a student.

Academic difficulties can manifest in the following forms:

  • Procrastination and neglect of assignments
  • Poor study habits
  • Increased anxiety about tests and exams
  • Having challenges with time management and planning
  • Irregular class attendance
  • Difficulty understanding course materials
  • Probation
  • Loss of scholarship

It is up to teachers and parents to detect these changes in the student's behavior. They are the first line of defense against academic difficulty, and their intervention is crucial. They can then seek the help of a professional if their effort proves ineffective.

Where Do Academic Difficulties Stem From

Academic difficulties usually stem from some other underlying issues.

Below are some causes for why a child is struggling at school.

  • A traumatic event like abuse or the loss of a loved one
  • Unknown or untreated disabilities
  • Wasted potential on an unfit major
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of study skills and habits
  • An overwhelming volume of courses
  • Physical & mental health issues
  • Family, work, relationships, and financial issues
  • Feelings of alienation in a community or a family
  • Struggling to adjust to school life

Getting Help With Academic Difficulties

It is crucial to recognize that many factors contribute to the issue to help find the right approach. Usually, the guidance of a professional will prove invaluable in overcoming the challenges.

Counseling can be one of the most effective ways students can learn to cope with their academic difficulties. They can discover ways to build up their resilience against stress and anxiety, create better relationships with their peers and teachers, and perform better at school. 

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