Love bombing is a term utilized in psychology to explain the process of seducing a person by showering them with huge amounts of love and affection. This can be a completely confusing experience, especially if you are not sure whether the individual is genuinely interested in you or simply seeking to take benefit of you. People believe in genuine love always. In this blog, we will talk about Love bombing, genuine love, and the difference between them. 

What is Love Bombing?

Love bombing is a manipulation method used to control and manage someone by overwhelming them with affection, interest, and items.   It may be hard to discover as it frequently seems like genuine love and kindness, but it isn't always. The purpose of love bombing is to benefit the management of the individual through growing dependency on the love bomber. Love bombers often use this method to get what they want from the other person, including cash, sex, or manipulation.

Genuine Love

Genuine love is a method of wholesome dating, personalized with the aid of genuine, mutual interest and emotional connection. It goes past the show of love and gifts, focusing on the deep bond and information between people. Genuine love is built on trust, honesty, and a shared dedication to well-being and happiness.

5  Signs that someone is love bombing you

The signs that tell you someone loves bomb you are 

  • Declared love early on in the dating without emotionally understanding the person
  • Being overly possessive or jealous
  • Want to all-time spend with you
  • Want to move too fast emotionally or physically
  • Giving high compliments or flattery

5 signs someone shows genuine love to you

  • They make time for their love even in busy schedules.
  • They don't place stress on you to decide straight away on an extreme date.
  • They appreciate your boundaries and assist you in making your personal decisions.
  • They don’t use manipulation or emotional blackmail to get what they need from you.
  • They permit you to have your very own existence and impartial friendships and relationships.

How does love bombing differentiate from genuine relationships?

The primary difference between love bombing and genuine love is that love bombing is generally stimulated by self-interest rather than genuine feelings of love and affection.

In love bombing, The man or woman may be seeking to take benefit of you emotionally, financially, or sexually. They can also be the use of you to enhance their own ego or to fill a void in their existence. In a genuine relationship, then again, both parties are similarly invested in dating and care about every other's well-being. Here are the facts that differentiate the love bombing and genuine love 

  • Pace and Intensity

 Love bombing frequently involves an awesome and fast feel of affection. The person might also bathe their target with excessive compliments, gifts, and declarations of affection early in the dating. Genuine love, alternatively, tends to develop step by step, allowing both people to recognize and recognize every other's intensity over time. Genuine love is an affected person and would not rely on immoderate gestures to establish its intensity.

  • Consistency

 Love bombing has frequently been inconsistent through the years. The person carrying out a love bombing can be extraordinarily affectionate and attentive at the start of the connection but can quickly get bored or become remote. Genuine love is personalized by consistency. It includes a sustained effort to apprehend, support, and hook up with the accomplice at some stages and downs of the relationship.

  • Respect for Boundaries

 Love bombing tends to disregard or override private boundaries. The man or woman may additionally dismiss the alternative person's want for space or individuality, regularly suffocating them with constant interest. In proper loving dating, each companion recognizes the other's barriers, taking into consideration personal growth and independence in the context of the connection. Genuine love values the well-being and autonomy of both individuals.

  • Emotional Manipulation

 Love bombing can be a form of emotional manipulation designed to manipulate the alternative person's feelings or actions. It may additionally contain developing a dependency on the love given, making it tough for the recipient to assert their desires or goals. Genuine love, in comparison, is built on open communication, mutual information, and a balance of energy within the dating.

  • Long-Term Commitment

 Love bombing regularly lacks a genuine goal for long-term dedication. The person can be extra targeted on capturing attention and admiration in the short term instead of constructing a lasting connection. Genuine love is personised through a sincere desire for deep and enduring dating concerning shared dreams, values, and a commitment to weathering demanding situations collectively.


Love bombing is a risky and manipulative conduct that could cause lasting emotional and psychological damage. If you believe you studied which you are being love-bombed, it is important to search for help and assistance you can trust from a dependent friend, member of the family, or Online Relationship Coach, Counselor, or Therapist. 

By knowing the signs of love bombing and understanding how to tell the difference between genuine love and love bombing, you may guard yourself against being taken advantage of in dating.