If you're confined to your home due to an enforced lockdown, such as in the Covid-19 pandemic, don't succumb to feelings of gloom and doom. A positive, upbeat approach is much more helpful in such a situation, both for yourself and for those around you. By staying calm and cheerful yourself, you can inspire your family, friends and neighbours to follow suit and pull together through your shared challenge. You can go further, too, with the help of social media, and support others around the world who may be affected. This noble, empowering role will be ready and waiting for you, so here are some bright ideas to start you off when need arises.

Phone around

Keep your phone charged up and in credit, and phone around all your friends, relatives and other contacts. Check they're all safe and well, and encourage them to open up and share any concerns they have. Getting worries off their chest will help them relax afterwards. You can share your own concerns, too, and benefit from your friends' support likewise. Make a commitment to repeat the phone-around every week, or however often you judge to be mutually beneficial, until the lockdown is over.

Show your face

Go to your window, door or balcony on a regular basis, and let your neighbors see you. Perhaps phone a few of them first to let them know you'll be there, and ask them to spread the word. When you're ready, wave a flag or bang a kitchen pan to attract everyone's attention and encourage them to show themselves, too. It's heartening to see your fellow human beings, even at a distance, when contact is restricted.

 Tap on walls

 Arrange with your next door neighbors to exchange regular taps on the wall, floor or ceiling, depending where they're situated. This will provide reassuring contact and companionship for all concerned. Perhaps agree a code, such as three taps to say all is well and six to say there's a problem. This will enable you to monitor each other's health and well-being, and to offer support, should an issue arise.

 Send messages online

Make use of your social media accounts to reach out to the wider community. With cheerful, positive messages, you can help people everywhere to stay strong, like you. Your efforts will be rewarded with expressions of warmth and gratitude, and your own spirits will be raised by the wonderful camaraderie you've generated.

 Publish entertaining videos

If you like using your camera, take some photos or videos to amuse your online followers. Focus on topics that interest you, such as cooking, nature and pets perhaps. Catch moments of charm, wonder or humor that viewers will enjoy, too, and add witty captions as you go.  You'll find this project fun and absorbing, and your fellow lockdown victims will appreciate them, too. Be sure to admire their offerings as well, and encourage comradely interaction at this difficult time.

 Offer jokes and humor

Get your social media followers chuckling by posting jokes and funny anecdotes. Rack your brains for old jokes and stories from your schooldays, or select some from the Internet. Then maybe add in some comic rhymes, silly songs and crazy cartoons.  Display the most popular posts on your windows or door, for your neighbors to enjoy as well. You may spot some jokes appearing on the buildings around you soon after, as people respond with their own contributions. Simple gestures like these can spark a whirl of community fun, helping everyone stay calm and positive.

Share music, art and poetry

If you have a creative talent, share it with your family and neighbors, and give them a cultural treat. If you can sing or play an instrument, for instance, you can perform a little concert on your doorstep or balcony, and post a recording of it online for your wider circle. If art is your forte, perhaps draw a giant picture and display it in your window, or if you're a comedian, perform some simple gigs or sketches. Encourage your audience to follow suit with their own little party pieces.

There are all sorts of ways to keep up your own spirits and everyone else's, too, during a period of lockdown. Every smile and wave will boost that precious camaraderie, and if you get a down moment yourself, you can take heart from the positivity you've inspired. That's the magic of community morale: everyone helps each other.